NEPAL - most people think

  • ... of the devastating earthquakes in April/May 2015.
  • This terrible destruction requires a wide support from all of us.
  • Many people from all over the world help in many different ways -  and we here in Hannover / Lower Saxony ... do so as well.
  • Individuals bundling their power can unleash an enormous potential,  so we teamed up to...


We want …

  • To help to rebuild Nepal: through fund raising -  e.g. calls for donations, house concerts, slide shows, festivals, information spreading.
  • To go to Nepal and tackle on the spot.
  • To invest money, experience, technical know-how for the welfare of the Nepaleses (in close cooperation with nepalese people here in Germany as well as in Nepal).
  • To give the people here in Hannover an understanding of the fascination we feel for Nepal – through events, festivals, slide shows, answers to questions etc.
  • To give Nepaleses an orientation in our culture when they come to Germany for purposes of learning, studying or working.
  • To live and enjoy the Nepalese culture even here in Germany.

But Nepal is much more than a country shaken and partly devastated by earthquakes. Although being a really poor nation, it is primarily a breathtakingly beautiful country with a stunning scenery, very friendly people and a fascinating culture. There are many reasons to travel to NEPAL.